Update #5

It's been a while, but Bumlee is finally back!

So I'm finally back to going to school full time, meaning I'll be working with game development daily again. I do have several other projects in mind, but I certainly haven't forgotten about my lil' bee!

So first of all, I'd like to be frank and admit that leaderboards won't be coming for a while, if at all. After snooping around the internet I've realized I'm in over my head, and this is something that I likely won't be tackling anytime soon.

As for this update, it's basically just visual improvements. Six new skins, half available now and half unavailable until future content is released. There's been some other smaller changes and improvements, but the exciting part is that I've finally fixed resolution support! Now you should be able to launch the game in any resolution, and fullscreen should look much better than before!

There likely won't be another update soon, I'll be putting a decent amount of time into the game again but with the base game complete and a good amount of extra content added, the next features will likely be new gamemodes.

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