Update #1

The first Bumlee update, only one day after release, brought two changes.

First of all, highscores were reset.  This was done after I finally managed to get the highscore screen working, and while resetting highscores wasn't actually necessary, the change I've made behind the scenes makes it far easier for me to manage highscores and other locally saved stuff in the future.

Secondly, I've adjusted the flower spawn box, making it smaller than previously. Now, rather than being the same as the safe area, it's a slightly smaller box inside of it, meaning that enemies spawning right next to you when you're trying to pick up a flower should happen less often. This will likely be the last direct gameplay change to the standard difficulty, and any future changes should happen only for future difficulties and gamemodes.

Also, it's worth mentioning that a bunch of additional BGMs have been added as game assets! Should be part of the next update.

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