Update #2

The second Bumlee update brings a new major feature, as well as some other changes and fixes.

The big news is that I've added several new background songs for playmode, which you can choose from the new Customization screen. All of these are unlocked through play, most of them by achieving highscores, and some through other stats, which brings me to the next point.

The game now tracks three new stats, being total rounds played, flowers collected and enemies destroyed. These can be seen at the highscores screen, and will be used to unlock customization options.

I've also changed  the credits scene, which includes a new screen that gives credit regarding all of the game's music, both new and old.

A small bugfix, flowers and enemies no longer keep spawning upon gameover. Old ones are still there, fully visible just like before. I'm considering making an entire new scene for the GameOver tab, which means I might add a music theme for gameovers.

Next up will be the additional difficulties teased in the highscores screen, as well as some customization options for the player, starting out with simply different colors for the bee.

*There was a minor post-update patch to fix 5-digit highscores not showing up at the game over screen, as was as the 8bit 2 song not looping.

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